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About The Raleigh Telegram Newspaper

About The Raleigh Telegram Newspaper

By The Raleigh Telegram

Updated June 2013

RALEIGH - It is true that local ownership of newspapers has waned over the years.

However, The Raleigh Telegram is proud to be the last and only locally-owned, professionally run, general interest newspaper currently serving Raleigh, North Carolina.   It is the second largest such newspaper in Raleigh, based on subscribers.

The parent company of the Telegram has proudly been serving North Carolina since 1993 through print newspapers, online media, and television productions.

In addition to its reputation in the Triangle area of North Carolina, the Telegram has gained a national reputation for its news coverage and has been featured or mentioned by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, Forbes, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, The London Daily Mail, Editor & Publisher, UPI, The London Guardian, The Huffington Post, E! Network, Slashdot.org, Chuck Norris’ column, the Romanesko blog, NRC Handelsblad in the Netherlands, Bloomberg News, CIO, New Scientist, and other national and international media.  Its online coverage has been viewed in over 134 countries across the globe.

Our news organization is one of only a few local newspapers to have covered the following major news events in person:

-The Romney and Obama campaigns in North Carolina
-The 40th anniversary of the Apollo missions
-The NHL All-Star game in Raleigh
-The earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti
-Embedded reporting with the 82nd Airborne overseas
-The inauguration of President Barack Obama
-The Carolina Hurricanes NHL Stanley Cup Championship
-100th Anniversary of the Wright Bros. Flight
-40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission
-Hurricanes Sandy, Irene, Floyd and other hurricanes
-2008 Presidential elections and campaigns
-The Winter Olympics
-Live coverage of visits by Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama
-The funeral ceremonies for President Ronald Reagan in Washington DC
-And other major news events

The Raleigh Telegram is proud to serve our readers with unbiased, objective reporting that focuses on local news and events.  Read what you’ve been missing in The Raleigh Telegram.

 The Raleigh Telegram

-Founding Member, Triangle Press Club
-Former Member, NC Press Association
-Current Member, NC Newspaper Association
-Former Member, National Press Club

The Raleigh Telegram is published by Gregg Newspapers, a locally owned and operated private company that has served the state since 1993.

Newspaper & Video Staff

Editor In Chief :: R. Gregg
--President, Triangle Press Club

Managing Editor :: Erwin McGregor
City Editor :: Elliott West
Photo Editor :: Andy Martin
Entertainment Editor :: Ted Abernathy
Technology Editor :: Akir Khan
Contributing Photographer :: Carter Rabil
Political Reporter :: Lois Alley
General Assignment Reporter: Zack Hill
Investigative Reporter :: Edward R. Brown
Sports Reporter :: Ted Jurnigan
Special Assignment Reporter :: Bryan LeClaire
General Reporter :: Reid Jackson
General Reporter :: Olivia Barrow
General Reporter :: John H. Smith
General Reporter :: Edward James
General Reporter :: Richard Saunders
General Reporter :: Emily Kiser

NC Political Columnist :: D.G. Martin
US Political Columnist :: Dr. Robert Moore
Economic Columnist :: Professor Mike Walden
Outdoors Editor :: Ramon Bell
Music Reviews :: Meredith Jackson

RTP-TV Video Productions:

NC Spin Producer :: Tom Campbell
Carolina Business Producer :: Chris William
RTP-TV Host :: Claire Renfrow

Reprint Orders:

The Telegram offers reprints of articles for $2 per page in full color, printed on 8.5×11 paper.  Please make arrangements through our office at 919-760-3110.  

Commercial reprints made outside of our office need to obtain written permission in advance before being made.

Contact Us:

64 T.W. Alexander Drive,
PO Box 12598, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: 919-760-3110

Copyrights 1993 – 2011, 2012, 2013.  

The Raleigh Telegram and Raleigh Telegram logos are  trademarks of The Raleigh Telegram Newspaper Company.   The Raleigh Magazine is a trademark of The Raleigh Magazine and its publisher, R.Gregg.

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