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BEER: Raleigh’s New Yard House Is Pricy But Upscale

Photo: The Telegram.

By The Raleigh Telegram

RALEIGH – If you’re looking for a new upscale joint to enjoy beer in Raleigh, the newest location of Yard House has opened up in the North Hills area.  The upscale beerhouse and restaurant is located next to World of Beer across the street from the North Hills Mall, near the Sparian’s bowling center.

The Yard House chain is clearly shooting for the upscale market.  With a vast open design, outdoor seating with decorative flames, and a long stainless steel bar, the restaurant does look like something you would see in a large city out in California.  Even the bathroom looks like something out of a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house, with post modern design.

Unfortunately, the prices do match the decor and there is somewhat of a sticker shock that you might associate with ordering fare at the RDU airport or in a Los Vegas hotel.

With regular soft drinks or tea listed on the menu at $3 and with a simple chicken wing appetizer priced at around $11, you’d be paying $14 plus tax and tip for a quick drink and a snack.  In addition, beer prices are appreciably higher than most other bars in Raleigh.  A lot higher.  Pints mostly range between $8 and $11 with most “shorty” glasses priced at under $5.

Clearly, the Yard House will not be winning any awards for value drinking or dining on a budget, but they do have a great beer on tap selection of over 130 beers.  In addition, they offer half price appetizers on weekdays from 3pm to 6pm, so you can sample some of their fare without breaking the bank.  The half price appetizers (not all are included) also run from Sunday to Wednesday nights from 10pm to close.

Unlike the more reasonably priced World of Beer next door, the Yardhouse does offer food and they offer an extensive selection of pizzas, burgers, and pretty much everything else you can think of.  The overall feel in the place is that of a California gourment pizza kitchen, but with a large beer selection and tres chic decor.

The members of the staff we interacted with at our recent visit were very friendly and knowledgeable of the beer selections, which were ample.  The bartenders were quick and attentive and unlike some recent bar visits we’ve made in Raleigh, they were eager to take our order.

If you’re a big beer fan, the Yard House is worth a visit just to try out some of the wide range of beers they have on tap.  It’s also a good place to take a date as it’s upscale and shiny new without the dive bar dinginess that you see at some other beer spots.

Just bring your wallet and if you’re going to eat, try to get there before 6pm so you can spend more money on beer.  ::

Article Posted: Thursday, January 17th, 2013.