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REVIEW: Jekyll And Hyde Electrify Audiences On Stage In Durham

Photo: The musical

By Dorothy Lewis, The Raleigh Telegram

DURHAM – A scientific phenomenon is storming through the Triangle this week, electrifying the Durham Performing Arts Center, and leaving a path of intrigue in its wake.

Former American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis has shockingly transformed his own identity into a man possessed of two starkly different personalities in the musical “Jekyll & Hyde.”

Dr. Henry Jekyll, a gentleman, is respected by England’s most elite and is juxtaposed with that of Mr. Edward Hyde, feared for his deadly rampages that strikes people in the heart of London.

The intensity of Maroulis’ portrayal of Dr. Jekyll explodes when he straps his body to a chair, sending a thunderous bolt through his body, as part of an experiment. The experiment sparks a horrible change with the introduction of Mr Edward Hyde and a deadly killing spree ensues.

Despite Dr. Jekyll’s unwavering affection for his true love, Emma Carew, his evil, alter-ego, Mr. Hyde cannot fight his feelings for the alluring and enticing, Lucy Harris, played by Grammy-award nominee actress/singer, Deborah Cox.

The show hits all the high notes with the melodious voices of its cast. The director, stage crew and production team choreographed a show so dynamic that it may leave you breathless. On stage, the DPAC has taken on a new life, becoming 19th-century, London with a mysterious twist.

Don’t let this Broadway musical go by without seeing the excellent portrayals of a classic story by this cast. ¬†Both Jekyll and Hyde come alive in the body of Constantine Maroulis with an electrifying performance.

The show runs through this weekend at DPAC.  ::

Article Posted: Thursday, January 10th, 2013.