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FOOD: TirNaNog Irish Pub Changes Up Menu, Adds More Sides

Photo: The Telegram.

By The Raleigh Telegram

RALEIGH – Many restaurants are adding more healthy choices on their menus these days and the TirNaNog Irish Pub and Restaurant in downtown Raleigh recently revamped their menu to add some more side items that may offer some broader appeal.  Some of the choices also offer cooked vegetables that are a little more healthy than the previous choices.

Instead of just being able to choose side items such as fried potato kettle chips, French fries, or pasta, the Irish restaurant has added a slew of side choices.

Diners ordering sandwiches and other dishes that include side items, can now order a lot of different choices. Those choices include:

–garlic green beans

–macaroni and cheese (+$1.50)

–side salad (+$1.50)

–irish potato wedges

–fruit salad 

–onion rings (+$1.50)

–butter peas and carrots

–mashed potatoes

–mushy peas (peas in a cream sauce)

The restaurant’s head chef Aaron Vaughan said he tries to use locally sourced food when possible.

“Using produce from local farmers markets, and bread from local bakeries, we work hard to ensure that your meals are always fresh and flavorful,” said the restaurant.

The TirNaNog Irish Pub has also added new dishes to their menu which The Raleigh Telegram hopes to review in future visits.  ::

Article Posted: Wednesday, January 9th, 2013.