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FOOD: Recipe For Tasty Steamed Garlic Asparagus

Photo: Telegram.

By The Raleigh Telegram

RALEIGH – Asparagus is good for you and is an attractive dish on any table, but how do you cook it so that it’s not bland, mushy and too boring?

Enjoy this easy and fast recipe from our kitchen for tasty garlic asparagus that is steamed and then sautee them to keep them crisp.


Asparagus, butter, garlic salt, celery salt.


Buy some of the large asparagus from your local grocery store.  Be sure to get the large kind that are not too small.  Plus, the large ones are generally easier to eat with a fork and more of a meal.

Get a folding or similar steamer that can sit in the bottom of a large pan. Put in about an inch of water in the bottom of the pan.

Put the asparagus into the steamer.  Steam the asparagus until you can poke them with a fork, maybe 4-5 minutes tops.

When ready, take out the asparagus and put into a regular non-stick pan. Place on medium high and put in some butter, the asparagus, and sprinkle some garlic salt on top to taste.  Maybe flavor with a little celery salt as well.

Cook in the pan on medium high until the butter melts.  Cook for 1-2 minutes to braise the outside of the asparagus.  This will also keep the asparagus from getting too mushy and will still be crunchy on the outside.

It’s an easy to make dish that is not only healthy, but something fun to serve that is out of the ordinary.  Enjoy! ::

Article Posted: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013.