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Raleigh Telegram Newspaper Experienced Record Traffic In 2012

Photo: Telegram.

By The Raleigh Telegram

RALEIGH – The Raleigh Telegram newspaper announces that it experienced record monthly traffic in November and also saw record numbers for readers during the entire year ending on December 31st for its website at raleightelegram.com.  

The Raleigh Telegram, which is the only locally owned general interest newspaper in Raleigh, posted over 600 stories in 2012 on its website including text stories, video, and audio items.   The paper also published over 2,000 photographs online last year alone.

“Without grants or funding from large institutions or nonprofit status or even large advertising income, we managed to cover a record amount of local, state, and national news of interest to our readers in 2012,” said The Raleigh Telegram’s management in a statement.  

The Raleigh Telegram news coverage is provided free of charge to its readers via its website and print editions.  

The newspaper has no plans to install a paywall for its content like its largest competitor, The News & Observer in Raleigh, which announced the move this year.  The newspaper also does not plan to seek nonprofit status and does not accept donations from large conservative or liberal organizations as some other nonprofit newspapers have done across the country.

“We stubbornly cling to our independence and abstain from large donors or selling out to national chain newspapers or other interests that may alter or affect our news coverage in any way,” added the paper.  “We do not want any outside influence, real or perceived.  Our readers and reporters are here in Raleigh and our funding doesn’t count on people who don’t live here or who meet behind closed doors in a boardroom somewhere else.”

In 2012, stories from The Raleigh Telegram were often quoted in other media including international news outlets such as The New York Times, MSNBC, The London Guardian, the Romanesko blog, NRC Handelsblad in the Netherlands, Slashdot.org, New Scientist, Forbes, and even Chuck Norris’ national newspaper column among other media.

In terms of North Carolina political news, The Raleigh Telegram covered important Presidential election year state news events in person including campaign stops across the state by Michelle Obama and Joe Biden, campaign visits by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and former President Bill Clinton.  

The paper’s Presidential year election coverage also saw exclusive interviews with Mike Huckabee and George Will when they visited Raleigh and interviews with other figures such as Presidential candidate Herman Cain.  The paper attributes its record-shattering November numbers due to its exclusive stories from North Carolina that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

In terms of non-political coverage, the paper covered stories in the Raleigh area and North Carolina on everything from the NC State Fair to Hurricane Sandy hitting the coast to NC State football.  

The paper has often found that it was the only news organization covering important local events in person.  As examples, the newspaper was alone in its coverage of the Raleigh Spy Convention that featured presentations by the CIA on formerly top secret Cold War missions, the Jimmy V Cancer Research Gala events, the Big Bad Ball event for Wake Hospice, and the Raleigh Little Theatre Academy Awards ceremonies.

The Raleigh Telegram management said that the paper continues to report on items that readers cannot find anywhere else including stories on politics, crime, city news, sports, and more.  The newspaper says it will continue its watchdog role to protect readers and enlighten them on news of interest that is important to their daily lives, even if it steps on a few toes in government offices.

“Unlike some other news organizations here in Raleigh, we don’t send gift bags or Christmas cards to politicians and we don’t kiss the butts of city or state leaders, Republican or Democrat,” said the newspaper.  “We serve our readers, first and foremost.”

Going into its 20th year of serving North Carolina readers and its 12th year of celebrating a newsroom in the Triangle, the family run newspaper company behind the Raleigh Telegram hopes to continue to keep the flame going despite the problems seen in declining newspaper industry.  

“We could leave the newspaper business and find a better paying job, butt we’re not that smart,” said the newspaper management.  “Like they said in the movie ‘Serenity,’ if you can’t do something smart, then do something right. We aim to misbehave in 2013.”  ::

ARTICLE POSTED:  Thursday, January 3rd, 2013.

One Response to Raleigh Telegram Newspaper Experienced Record Traffic In 2012

  1. Lindsey Chester

    January 4, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Way to go- love the layout, looks pretty similar to the WordPress news template we’ve been using for CaryCitizen.

    We, like you, have refused the paywall, and have been making our way with advertising and other projects that keep us going. We have not decided to go print, however, due to cost of publication and delivery.

    Think we have lots in common- keep up the good work.